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Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
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Tadpolebaby Bio:

Allegedly, I get evicted from my swank heated indoor pool on 05/09/05. We'll see about that.

My Host made this on the site. This example of her goofy sentimentality further convinces me that I will be wearing booties and bibs with matching sunhats until I am physically able to remove them and throw them on the ground. And I will, with verve.

Countdown to Tadpole!
Lilypie Baby Birthday

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adoptee rights, alan rickman, angel, appalachian trail, archaeology, archaic expressions, avenging typographical error, backpacking, bastard nation, bastardy, bellydance, bisexuality, biting people for comfort, blackadder, bookherding, books, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, cheese, childrens' literature, connie willis, cooking, culinary adventure, discworld, doctor who, dreaming the impossible dream, dungeons and dragons, fonging, footie, french hornistry, g vs. e, gaslight mechanical engineering fiction, gay marriage, gay pride, good omens, gormenghast, graphic design, hiking, italo calvino, king crimson, kobolds ate my baby, long trail, lord of the rings, macerating, making stuff, miscellaneous geekitude, monty python, neil gaiman, nick and nora charles, olympics-neglected sports, paganism, painting, peter lorre, playing musical instruments, quirks and eccentricities, red dwarf, rpgs, sandman, shamanism, shayara, snickers!, sylvester mccoy, tamsin, terry pratchett, the mets, the quest for wisdom, tinkering, tolkien, traveling, tribal bellydance, witchcraft, woodworking, yuengling
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